Friday Five

I want to get into the habit of reminding myself of the little moments that have made my week a bit better. This week has been a particularly anxious one for me but it’s also been productive in terms of taking steps and doing things that I think will make things better in the long…

Summer Sculpture

Some of the fun (and mostly free) sculpture exhibitions this Summer in the London area.


These carvings were whittled by my great-grandfather McCluskey, a man whom I never met but who through his craftsmanship has been a presence throughout my entire life.

Weekend Mewses

Making a kitty bag, my love of trains, a London gig and a stroll through the park.

Linocut Learning

The beginning of my love of linocut printing! It’s like a little art surprise waiting for you.

Knitting as art

The family members behind my love of fiber arts and sharing some of my created works.

Why am I doing this?

At the root of this love for sculpture is Franconia Sculpture Park and it is the starting point for my dream.