Knitting as art

So as I mentioned in my previous post, there are many different ways in which I enjoy being creative. One of these is through knitting and crochet.

I think one of the main reasons I took up these types of crafting is my late grandmother, Betty. I remember as a child, she taught both my brother and I the basics of crochet, even though neither of us kept it up as a hobby at that time. I also have fond memories of watching her crochet doilies and Christmas ornaments, some of which she gave to our classmates filled with mini candy canes. We also received hand-knit sweaters and stockings from my great-grandmother Esther before she passed away when I was only five years old. So there’s a lot of family  history working with yarn and I’ve always had an interest and love of family traditions.

Photos of two of my own projects, a crocheted Christmas ornament which is a replica of the ones my Grandma Betty used to create and a replica stocking, next to my own stocking from my Great-Grandmother Esther, that I knit for my niece as part of our family tradition.

Now sometimes I joke that I’m, “like a grandma,” due to my interest in knitting and crochet. However, many of the works I’ve created are far from your grandma’s knitting. When I first began knitting, I received a wonderful piece of advice from my talented cousin Amanda (aka chalklegs) and that was to always pick projects that you love as then you will  be driven to learn the techniques required to make them. I’ve found that to be true. So without any more delay, I’d like to share some of my creations and different ways that I have been able to express myself through knitting and crochet.

Illusion knitting was one of the first techniques that caught my eye. As you can see from my project when looking straight on it looks like mostly just a striped dishcloth but when you look from a distance you can see it’s a flying ninja. It’s quite simple to learn and once you know the basics i found it’s fairly easy to develop your own patterns. If you want to know more about this technique and quite a few artistic examples of this method on a big scale, check out Illusion Art.

I’ve also found knitting allows me to express myself in a variety of ways. The God Save the Queen hat was a bit of a challenge, as both my first experience with intarsia knitting and having to balance up to 13 bobbins of yarn at the same time (the picture is the hat pre-felting) but I loved the way it turned out. Even though I find colorwork to be more challenging, I love the endless possibilities it provides for creating works of art.

In addition to self-expression and the fun I have picking out various projects, learning to knit and crochet has enabled me to provide friends and loved ones with unique gifts throughout the years. Please note, if you would like to see more projects and the patterns I used for these projects, check out my Ravelry projects.

I believe there are many ways in which fiber arts can to utilized to produce a variety of artwork, for a variety of reasons, but today I shared a part of why I enjoy creating items with my hands. In a future post, I can see myself highlighting some others work with fiber which are making a statement in the art world. Until then, enjoy and thanks for reading!



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  1. Kirti says:

    Lovely pieces of art!!! 😊


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