2017 Valentines Day Iron Pour

As you all should know by now I love Franconia, and their Hot Metal Pours were one of my favourite activites at the park. Other than just roaming around and admiring sculpture of course!

In today’s day and age, with the ability to get anything at the click of a button or a drive to the store, we are less aware of where our possessions come from and how they come into being. One process often used in production is the casting of objects from molds. Franconia Sculpture Park’s biannual iron pour gives the public a unique view into this age old technique, most often conducted in foundries. Here at the park we bring the process outside for all to witness.

mc2_0796untitled-design-6Visitors see the glowing orange of the molten iron that is impossible to capture in photos and then how it dries through a mirage of colors; the way that the furnace looks like a giant sparkler as the night’s darkening sky appears. They bear witness to groups of people dressed like firefighters, each responsible for their own task in the assembly-like operation. Moving…

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