Weekend Mewses

So I feel like I have a lot to write about today but it’s all going to be a bit random, so hope you enjoy the little pieces of my latest weekend.

First off, I finished my first improvised sewing project and I got to practice using a lot of different features of my Brother LS14 sewing machine (different needle positions, using the freearm sewing functionality.) Overall I love the bag, but I think in the future and the ones I will make for my shop will be slightly bigger and I’d set the straps to face the other direction, but not bad for my first shopping bag.  I used the tutorial by SkiptomyLou which I found incredibly useful, especially when describing how to insert the inner and outer layers together. Then I decided since I had this wonderful weird fishes fabric, that I would improvise my own kitty looking up at the swimming fish.




Along with garlic naan pizzas, this was my Friday evening. Saturday my husband and I were off to London to see LA Witch at The Lexington. Whenever we go into London he likes to tease me about my love of trains, but I think it’s just due to growing up some place where there’s not a lot of public transport in general. So I have a bit of a fascination and it is my preferred mode of transport when we go into the city. Here are a couple of the photos I took on Saturday night and I have no idea how we encounter mostly empty tube stations.

Sunday was for a long lie in, a full English for breakfast and a long stroll along the river and over the pub for a nice pint of shandy outside in the sun. I find you have to enjoy the sunshine when you can here. Anyone else have some good weekend stories or finished crafts?


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