Blog Loving (and Hating)

As I read through the numerous blogs I follow on here on WordPress, browse my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds I’m a bit overwhelmed and confronted with all of the built up personas and the numbers of people trying to make an impression, be recognized and become a bit internet famous. Sometimes I get sucked in with beautiful images, and the personal brand that’s been built, but there’s something inauthentic about the feel of most of those stories. Sure, there’s a bit in all of us that wants to feel recognized but I think what most of us want and need is connection. It is that thought that brings me back, that reminds me the reasons I created this blog. To connect with others while sharing a bit of what I love with the World.  I crave authenticity and those who follow their hearts and their dreams. Enough of my ramblings, but it was something that’s been on my mind lately. I may not always post about sculpture, but it doesn’t mean that I’ve lost that dream.

So let’s get to what I have been up to lately. I’m never great with larger knitting projects it seems (by larger I mean more than a hat or a cowl) but I finally finished these adorable baby trousers by Ministrikk. This pair was made for a friend but I think if we ever decide on having a baby, I will be making another pair in a slightly thicker wool. However I love the feel of the Drops Baby Merino wool I used for the project.


I was also discussing the weather, the feel of warmer temperatures, flip flops and gardening which inspired me to create my first tropical themed bunting. Now I know it’s probably a bit of novelry, being as I’m still fairly new to England, but I am in love with buntings. As with most things, I plan on making a variety of colourful buntings for my upcoming Etsy shop. This one was made for my good friend Lisa, who also has a fondness for bright colours. I’m not sure I’ll have as many patterns on future buntings but I do enjoy how tropical fabric seems to be in fashion at the moment. It’s a good feeling for Summer.

With the warmer temperatures coming we’ll be able to take the bike out for longer rides and there will finally be a start to posts about the sculpture parks of England. I’ll post my thoughts after each of the park visits. What are you crafting this Spring? What is it you’re looking forward to this Summer? Hope everyone has a good week and thanks for reading!



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