Summer Sculpture

So I admit I’ve been a bit lax in updating the blog lately, but I will say that consistently looking for work takes a lot of one’s energy and I plan on utilising this blog to share more of my creative pastimes. On a more fun note, I wanted to post some of the sculpture exhibitions I’m looking forward to checking out this Summer in no particular order.

Frieze Sculpture Park, in Regent’s Park, London

I hope to get back to Yorkshire Sculpture Park later this year, but in the meantime it’s extremely exciting to have this collection of 23 new sculptures on display in the open air in the English Gardens of Regent’s Park. Living near London, I don’t associate the city with having a lot of outdoor art spaces that aren’t surrounded by concrete, so this reminds me that there are places to enjoy nature and sculpture within the city of London. Best of all, it’s free to the public so if you’re visiting or just looking for an interesting day out in the city I’m going to suggest you check this out before it closes on the 8 October.

Sculpture in the City, the Square Mile, London

Keeping with London, every year there is an exhibition of Sculpture in the City which sprawls across London’s Square Mile. The landscape surrounding these sculptures is definitively urban with many works displayed in the area surrounding the architecturally interesting Leadenhall building, the Gherkin and numerous historic churches. From the website, you can download a map of the walk and if you’re spending a day in London you could hit both this and the Frieze Sculpture Park exhibitions for a nice contrast in landscapes and parts of London.

Heathland Artworks Exhibition, in Farnham Heath Nature Reserve, Surrey

This exhibition is a mixture of mediums and artworks by local artists who are studying at the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham. The beautiful heathland is the backdrop and inspiration for these works of art and I’m looking forward to seeing both. Heathland is such a classic landscape in England, particularly in Surrey where we live, and it’s something so different from what you find back in Minnesota. A smaller exhibition, but a great way to see some works from emerging artists and it’s free to the public.

Lastly, I just want to mention (and link) a couple more exhibitions that I am looking forward to seeing this Summer, which is Falling Shawls at the Southbank Centre, part of Nordic Matters which is a year long event celebrating Nordic culture, and The World of Anna Sui at the Fashion and Textile Museum.  Both are located in London. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. What exhibitions are you looking forward to this Summer and Autumn?


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