Friday Five

I want to get into the habit of reminding myself of the little moments that have made my week a bit better. This week has been a particularly anxious one for me but it’s also been productive in terms of taking steps and doing things that I think will make things better in the long run. I will work on posting these every week as a bit of a recap. Here they are, in no particular order.

Starting a Bullet Journal


For awhile now I’ve been looking at the idea of bullet journalling (or BuJo) but I didn’t really think it was for me. It seemed too short of a format and honestly a bit more work and organisation than I wanted on a daily basis. However, now that I have seen them used as more of a motivational and 90 day goal setting tool I’m all for giving it a try.  So this week was spent ordering my new Leuchttrum 1917 dotted notebook (yeah, I know stereotypical but amazing quality and I love the range of colours) and going out to buy a few suggested markers for the creative colourwork and drawing I’ll be attempting as part of my journalling. The only thing I’ll need to restrain myself now is the purchase of adorable stickers to put inside the journal (these can be found on Etsy)!


Halloween Bunting


When cheering myself up, how better to do it than with some crafting for one of my favourite times of year, Autumn and Halloween. Plus, it made use of what was left of my vintage Halloween print fabric I got a couple of years ago from JoAnn. I never even knew what a bunting was before moving to England but now it’s my go to simple sewing project. Plus you get a fun and quirky decoration for your home or garden!

My Understanding Husband

Sorry (not sorry) for the cheese but it must be said. Sometimes my acclimitisation to England hasn’t been easy, and during those times my husband has always been there to listen and remind me that it will happen. He’s the calm and confident voice when I’m having a tough day or a tough week. Plus he always finds a way to make me laugh, which is important.

New Yarn Projects


I’ve also been in a real mood to make things for others, so I’m getting ready to make some dragons for a good friend’s daughters and hats for both my cousin and his girlfriend. New projects mean a bit of new wool in my life as well, which is always fun to pick out. Also my niece found out I’m bringing a crochet project with me camping this weekend and now she wants to learn, so yesterday we ordered a few skeins and a crochet hook for her to make some simple penguins. That reminds me, I better print the patterns out now!


As I just mentioned, we’re going camping as a family this weekend. I’ve been down for a Sunday visit on a couple of occasions but we are finally spending a few days down there this weekend. It’s going to be different from the camping I’ve known back in Minnesota, mostly because they have regulations against having fires here but also because I’ll be sleeping on a cot (aka. bedchair) instead of an inflatable mattress. I’ll also be getting a fishing license and I haven’t done any fishing since I was a kid! Anyways, it’s something I’m looking forward to and should be a good time with family.

So that’s been my week. If you want to start, what things have made your week a bit happier?


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